What happens when an “International Couple of Mystery” wants an elopement in Malibu!

Elopement in Malibu

It was a dark and stormy night…

Well actually, it was a warm, sunny spring day in Malibu. Our “international couple of mystery” had a secret, romantic, and awesome elopement in Malibu, CA at El Matador Beach. Our stunning french bride looked like an elegant and petite dancer with her gorgeous, wind tussled hair. The Australian groom was tall, handsome and so much fun!

Let’s back up about three months. I received the following email.  “My partner and I would like to celebrate our love and get married in California. This will be an intimate wedding as there will be only the two of us. Our love story is a long journey and I would love you to be part of this trip.” They decided to hire my husband, Alan as their photographer and me as their wedding officiant.

We negotiated an eight hour time difference from their home just a block from Buckingham Palace. There were many emails back and forth! We helped them find the perfect elopement location. We discussed how to get the marriage license. Sent recommendations for make up and hair vendors. Suggested places to stay. I helped them create the perfect wedding ceremony for them. Alan shared photography that we had done in several gorgeous locations. Despite a few technical difficulties with people in three different countries, we had some hysterical conference calls!

The wedding day was straight out of a romance novel!

Our sophisticated and professional business woman was a giddy and nervous bride. Our groom was calm and happy, he looked like a model with his white shirt, blue vest and navy pants, dressed for a casual but elegant beach elopement. We drove to a little market in Malibu. Alan and Jackson drove to the elopement location while Lena changed into her stunning but simple gown. We grabbed some flowers and drove to El Matador beach. While Alan set up a “first look” with them, I turned the flowers into a simple bouquet with craft paper, scissors and a ribbon in the trunk of our car. We took some beautiful photos and shared stories as we walked down the path and stairs to the beach. 

We found a lovely semi-secluded area with some rock formations in the ocean as our backdrop for their ceremony. They smiled, laughed, held hands as we did a simple, personal and very romantic ceremony with Alan capturing every glance, laugh and a few happy tears. The first kiss as a married couple launched into a whirlwind of hugs, smiles and then they were off with Alan to do a private and incredibly fun photography shoot in the glorious setting sun of the Southern California coastline! Our UK  couple had the perfect elopement in Malibu that they dreamed of. 


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